Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Test for Loop Quantum Gravity

Physicists have recently proposed a test to determine whether or not loop quantum gravity exists. Before understanding the importance of the test (or the test itself), first we need to understand what loop quantum gravity is.

Abbreviated LQG, this hypothesis is one of several aiming to understand gravity at the quantum level. This would allow us to unify the four fundamental forces of nature as is required by Grand Unified Theory (or, the Theory of Everything). Under a LQG universe, spacetime is granular, figuratively a very thin fabric of finite loop woven together. These loops exist at the Planck length and give an atomic structure to space itself. That is your introduction to LQG, considering the fact that there is an entire field of science devoted to this possible aspect of reality, I’ll return to the meat of the subject – devising a test to figure out whether or not LQG exists.

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