Friday, January 10, 2014

Will There be Another Space Race?

At times, it seems that the world has come to a standstill--like the era of exploration is behind us, like we’ve nothing to do but turn inward, like we are grinding to a halt. With nations around the globe facing financial crisis, many question whether continued space endeavors are really worth the trouble. However, space exploration (like exploration in general) is not a vain attempt at conquest. Rather, it is fueled by a desire to know, to see, and to better understand.

In fact, our first steps out into the stars revolutionized the way that we saw our own little planet (think of Carl Sagan"s Pale Blue Dot). What"s more, it fueled industry and inspired an entire generation to reach for the stars (literally). The first men and women to leave our planet helped all of us better understand the cultural, economic, and scientific importance of space exploration. So where are we now? And where are we heading?

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