Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hot Spots and Olympus Mons:

All around us, the forces of nature are at work, constantly shaping and reshaping the entirety of our landscape. Said changes dictate our daily lives, yet it has only been in the last couple of centuries that man has advanced enough to begin to ‘control’ nature (in the loosest sense of the word). We have built sprawling urban conurbations; designed drugs to cure diseases and we"ve even developed methods of taming the largest, fastest moving rivers on the planet. However, there is one force of nature that we (currently) have no control over, and it’s the greatest force on planet Earth – plate tectonics.

So.. what do they do? As it turns out, plate tectonics are responsible for the shape of our local environment. In fact, they have been re-sculpting the whole surface of the Earth in a continuous cycle for eons now. We see the effects all across the planet; from the majesty of the various mountain ranges, to the devastation of earthquakes and tsunamis. Continental drift has the power to shift climates, split up landmasses and isolate species; therefore it must play an important role in evolution and our own history. Therefore, it stands to reason that their full impact needs to be discerned to better plan for the future (and for our survival)

So.. how do they tie into Olympus Mons; the most spectacular volcano in our solar system? Find out:

Larger Image:

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