Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Scientifically Speaking, Santa Can Exist

One of the most widely known Christmas-stories involve good ol" St. Nick. After keeping tabs on you for a year, Santa decides whether you"ve been good or bad, then proceeds to deliver gifts accordingly. To do that, he zips around on his sleigh, pulled by flying reindeer, and visits a staggering number of children in a single evening and is back home in time for Christmas dinner with Mrs. Claus (not to mention, he needs to finish before the kids wake up so he isn"t seen).

Obviously, the "classic" version of Santa can"t exist, but with an advanced understanding of relativity and physics, Santa could still accomplish all of the same magic on Christmas Eve. There are plenty of places that "debunk" the classic version of Santa, and it is amusing to think about vaporizing reindeer and a disintegrating Santa, but when Science looks to physics, things get more interesting.

To read the full article, see: http://www.fromquarkstoquasars.com/scientifically-speaking-santa-can-exist/

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