Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saturn"s Eclipse: Round 2 and the Day the Earth Waved

Ladies and Gentlemen, after months of waiting, the new Cassini picture is finally here!

Taken on July 19, 2013, it is easily one of the most anticipated astronomy pictures of the year. While 1.2-million kilometers (750,000 miles) from the Ringed planet, Cassini once again snapped a mosaic of Saturn while it eclipsed the Sun.

All in all, the final picture is 9000 by 3500 pixels and glorious. NASA really outdid themselves with this one. All in all, Cassini took 323 pictures over the course of our hours and is colored in natural color. The picture shows an area about 651,591kilometers (404,880 miles) across.

There is a ton of awesome stuff pictured here, so, sit back and enjoy the tour of this beauty.

To take FQTQ"s "tour of interesting things to look at", see this article:

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