Thursday, November 28, 2013

Three Reasons Evolution Is (Probably) a Fact

For over 150 years - since the time of Charles Darwin - the theory of evolution has been through more scrutiny and rigorous investigation than many other scientific claims. Since that time, the theory of evolution has only gotten more firm and robust. While there are many that, for ideological reasons, want to make it seem like evolution is not widely accepted within the scientific community, this is not actually the case. Across universities, research institutions, and scientific organizations, evolution is not only nearly universally accepted, it is also the basis upon which active, exciting, and important research is being done.

Below we have an overview of some of the most notable evidence in support of evolution. The overall goal is to point out the patterns of evolution within nature and help individuals identify other, similar patterns on their own. Doing so will give you the power to, in a sense, test the validity of evolution on your own. Like in a court of law, you have the ability to weigh the evidence in support and against evolution to come to your own conclusion that, in legalese, is “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

This list of "3 reasons why evolution is (probably) a fact" will read a bit different from other lists. It is not meant to be just a “gotcha!” list of examples that support evolution. The goal is much loftier—to give a complete overview of the most direct evidence in support of evolution. The examples that will be provided are meant to be illustrative in addition to exemplary. Without further ado, the big 3:

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