Friday, November 15, 2013

The Strangest Object in the Universe (and it isn"t a black hole!)

When asked what the strangest object in the universe is there will be an almost unanimous answer: a black hole.

Why? Because they"ve captured the imagination of the entire planet. An infinitely dense, infinitely small chunk of matter...on its own, that is enough to conjure up some weird and wonderful thoughts. It boggles the mind. Black holes seem so strange that some scientists believe that they must not exist and have, therefore, come up with other ideas regarding their existence. There are many weird and wonderful ideas... one of these is the Quark Star or Strange Star.

The reason why it goes by the name "strange star" is because it is a massive compact stellar object made up of strange matter (I mention a quark star as well because they are very similar).

To learn more about this object, see:

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