Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Bizarre World of Quarks: Nucleons and a New Class of Particles

Physicists are on the verge of having to create a new classification system for exotic baryonic particles. An international team of high energy physicists claim that the discovery of an electrically charged particle called Zc(4020) has paved the way to this new, strange family of four quark objects. But before we get into that, let"s discuss particles with fewer quarks that we are a bit more familiar with.

Quarks have long been known to pair together in groups of two"s and three"s. Two quark particles are known as mesons, and three quark particles are known as baryons. You may be familiar with the latter, as baryons make up the protons and neutrons that constitute your body and everything you see. That is what I wish to talk about today, and the implications of these new four quark particles recently being discovered.

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