Monday, November 4, 2013

Does the "Mad Professor" Stereotype Stand on Solid Ground?

Traditionally, psychologists spend their time studying the unconventional members of society: those with depression, people with criminal histories, the romantics etc.. But the traits of scientists are seldom examined; most tests amplify only necessary things, such as numerical skills or factual knowledge. However, it appears that the ‘mad professor’ stereotype has some foundation in the character traits needed for scientific success.

You may have never considered the personality of a scientist before, but I’m sure the obvious traits spring to mind - they must be analytical, precise, intellectually honest, and others similar. All of these commonalities are rational and sound, but there are actually several characteristics that you may not initially expect to have shown up. Yet, they are there, time and time again, in even the most famous of scientists. Some of them make sense, whereas others appear to be quite unusually placed for the greatest minds in history.

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