Saturday, November 2, 2013

Get to Know Titan: 6 Interesting Things to Know About Saturn"s Largest - and Most Awesome - Moon

If one requires proof as to why Saturn is the most awesome planet in our solar system, we need not look any further than Saturn"s largest (and its inarguably most interesting) moon, Titan. (Pictured to the right in a frame with Saturn and its famous series of rings) Despite being a satellite of a large, gaseous planet, Titan is actually the most Earth-like world in our local neighborhood. Equipped with an appreciable atmosphere (mostly made up of nitrogen), vigorous mountains and valleys and free standing bodies of liquid substances; Titan presents us with so many interesting questions and can likely help give us answers to some of our other lingering questions. That is, if we can ever find the funding to explore it properly. (Something we"ll talk about in more detail here in a moment)

With that said, there are so many things about Titan to be excited about, but here, we have compiled the best-of-the-best facts about the Saturnian moon.

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