Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Reaching for the Stars: The Dream of Leaving Earth

Have you ever heard someone say that the universe seems like a small and rather uninteresting place? If so, it’s not terribly surprising. The universe is full of wonders; however, we don"t get to see them all that often. In fact, it has been almost 40 years since humans have ventured farther than 400miles (643km) from our tiny corner of the galaxy.

Historically, economic concerns have been the determining factor in space exploration. And as the cost of material production continues to skyrocket, it seems like we’ll never make it to another planet—much less another star. Year after year, the dream of traveling to through interstellar space becomes more and more elusive. But that doesn’t mean that we should abandon hope. Indeed, just the opposite. When the moment is right, we need to be prepared to reach out and head for the stars.

So what would it take to get us out into the cosmos? It seems that it will require a little bit of something old, and a mighty portion of something new.

Want to learn about some of the methods that might take us to the stars? See:

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