Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Controversial Architectural Building Designs

Engineers are always known for their imagination. Like sculptors for buildings, these people get paid the big bucks for their complex and impressive building designs. Never lacking in style and innovation, the more extravagant, the more renown the architect becomes. Well this write up is on two latest skyscrapers that have made headlines: the walkie talkie "death ray" building in London, England and the invisible skyscraper that just got approved to be built in South Korea.

The first tower, is actually an architectural blunder. As cool as building that doubles as a death ray is, it was a miscalculated failure. A design that gave people an unexpected surprise. Its southern facing concave shape focuses the sunlight into a smaller area then it would normally do. The result is an intense beam of light that has caused damaged to businesses on the opposite facing side of the street and also a business man's Jaguar motor vehicle.

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