Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Look at Titan"s Land of Lakes

Titan - the Saturnian moon - is never lacking in awesomeness (something we have reiterated time and time again). This newly-released image only scratches the surface of the moon"s awesomeness. As you can see, NASA"S Cassini-Huygens probe recently took a look at the free-standing bodies of liquid that set Titan apart from the pack. Ultimately, these images of Titan"s lakes and oceans proved that this moon is the only other world in our solar system that is similar to Earth in this regard.

However, the word "similar" is rather misleading. Yes, Titan has liquid oceans, shorelines, lakes, rivers, rain and even seasons, but unlike Earth (where you can safely get a little dew on your shoe, or catch a few drops of rain in your mouth), on Titan, too much "rain" could easily wind up poisoning you (or turning you into a fire breathing dragon, provided you had some oxygen and a match). This is because Titan"s rain is made up of liquid hydrocarbons (a huge component of gasoline).

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