Friday, October 18, 2013

ITER: On Course for Fusion Power

There is no doubt that conventional fossil fuels are running out. The Saudi lands, once rich with vast oil supplies are drying up. However, many energy companies persist with new developments such as Fracking that does not reduce carbon emissions or toxic chemicals that pollute our atmosphere.As a result, this method is rather controversial. Green, renewable energy sources have had major advancements recently; however, that have failed to prove that they are viable alternative to fossil fuels (due to the impracticality of these sources or the extreme cost issues).

In the large energy consuming society that we live in, we require a sustainable development...and we need one that comes form one of the most abundant sources in our Universe: Hydrogen in the form of nuclear fusion. Fusion has been around for many years. One easily comprehensible example of Fusion is the famous ‘H bomb.' This method used the extreme pressure of a fission bomb imploding to fuse the two Deuterium atoms together, forming Helium. Although this demonstrated the megalithic proportions of energy given off by the fusion of two atoms, it was an uncontrolled explosion.

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