Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Ugliest Creature in the World Needs Your Help:

All over the spinning blue marble we call home, we find a ton of remarkable creatures that captivate our imaginations. There are rare birds of paradise in New Guinea and Indonesia, whose colorful feathers and intricate dancing displays of courtship are absolutely astounding. Then there are whales, the graceful behemoths of the sea, whose songs for each other propagate far through the open ocean. Then there's the male proboscis monkey, which looks like it has a well endowed male genitalia hanging from its face—wait, what?

As it turns out, there are also some very peculiar creatures on Earth. Unfortunately, some of them do not always get the proper love and attention they need because of their looks, names, or behavioral habits. It's great that we have such large agendas to save the pandas, and that we ban whale hunting (all things that I am a staunch defender of), but the ugliest animals on the planet need conservation efforts too. Unfortunately, they don't receive the attention they deserve because of our particular bias. Which is why this article is on the ugliest animal in the world, as well as the group that set out to get people to vote for its rather cruel name...all in an effort to raise awareness. So, without further ado, meet the blobfish.

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