Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lightning from Hell

There are few phenomenon on Earth as terrifying, devastating, and interesting as volcanic eruptions. Massive amounts of rock and ash soar high into the atmosphere as the Earth’s crust opens and the great forces present within the mantle are released. Volcanic eruptions are one of the most energetic events on the planet; only a few other natural events can compare – lightning being one of them.
In nearly every part of the world (other than very cold regions), thunderstorms are a common occurrence, and they are usually nothing to worry about. The most severe storms have several dangerous components, such as floods, winds/tornadoes, hail, and of course the beautiful lightning. When electrical charges due to wind and ice in the atmosphere build, tremendous amounts of energy are released upon a ground source (trees, buildings, other clouds, etc.). What can be more amazing than volcanoes or lightning? Volcanic lightning.

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