Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Connection Between the 4-Dimensions:

I thought I would share something I've learned recently that’s completely changed the way I look at the world around me. The next time you go jogging through the woods, here’s something neat to think about that’s dependent on the physics of space-time.

Say that you recently applied to colleges and were going to meet an admissions officer for an interview. The two of you would need to share the location AND the time of the meeting. This is what many people refer to when they state “the fabric of space-time” (I admit, I might be guilty of this as well). You've probably heard it so often that the actual meaning of “the fabric” eludes you. Well, that’s all it means – the Universe. Essentially, the medium that everything exists in (including you), can be defined as coordinates encompassing location and time. (For a more detailed explanation, take a look at this article).

Here’s where things get interesting.

To read the full article, see: http://www.fromquarkstoquasars.com/the-connection-between-the-4-dimensions/

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